About Mamba Bay


Mamba Bay is a leading provider of telematic and vending control solutions. Our M-Vision platform in conjunction with our M-Series devices is the only purpose built telematic solution that can be used with all leading global vending equipment, including Seaga, Dixie Narco, Crane, Westomatic, and N&W. The unique solution of hardware and software management system allows user control of vending equipment, providing real-time information on cashflow, vend information, alerts for coin jams, stock outs and power offs to name but a few system outputs. The M-Vision software platform can be tailored for all users from Brand Manager’s to Vending Companies. Reports can be tailored and automated providing business critical information to the right person at the right time.

How can Mamba Bay help?

Mamba Bay is at the forefront of this technology, creating solutions to enhance and revolutionise the Vending industry. M-Vision enables Vending Companies, point-of-sales terminals and bespoke marketing applications to handle transactions and exchange information in a secure and reliable manner. Our best of breed M2M hardware with inbuilt SIM-technology provides a resilient means of communication for cost-effective multi site deployments

How it works

Compatible Mamba Bay M-Series telemetry devices are attached to your machines. There is no complicated installation involved, all of our products are Plug and Play. Simply logon to our M-Vision on line platform to view the latest information from your machines. Simple to use, powerful results!

Features and Benefits
  • Cash Security
  • Cost savings through efficient staff deployment
  • Increase sales with detailed operation information
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Optional Machine Anti-Tamper Device
  • Brand Information
  • Real Time Information
  • On Line Access
  • Full Historical Reporting
  • Over the Air Updates
M-Vision System

How M-Vision Works